Is Gender Bias Real?

Is Gender Bias Real? – See The Numbers

2015 Gender Bias Study of the Family Court Decisions
in the Province of
British Columbia, Canada

What Changed Between 1992 and 2015?

From the Law Society of BC, in 1992:

On 27 July 1992, the Law Society received the report of the Gender Bias Committee entitled Gender Equality in the Justice System.


The authors of the report stated:

We concluded gender inequality is pervasive in the legal and justice

systems in this province. While we are also satisfied there are examples of

bias against men, the vast majority of concerns raised reflect

discrimination against women. Furthermore, while the laws, for the most

part, are gender neutral, the application of many of these laws creates a

situation of systemic bias against women, particularly women of low-

income status, aboriginal women, lesbians, women with disabilities, and

women who are members of visible and immigrant minorities…

We believe the family law system in our province fails to provide women

and children with adequate means of economic support upon marriage



1 Carol McEown et al., Gender Differences in Referrals and Refusals of LSS Services: Changes from

Fiscal 1992/93 to Fiscal 1998/99(Vancouver: Legal Services Society of B.C., 1999), p. 1.


Gender Equality in the Justice System, Report of the Gender Bias Committee, Volumes 1, 2

(Vancouver: Law Society of British Columbia, 1992).

3 Ibid., Vol. 1, p. 6

However, between 2010 and 2015, there were 98 comments and postings on legal blogs, particularly from the LawDiva’s site, showing that men in general, and even the LawDiva (an accomplished divorce court litigator) herself, felt that men were greatly treated unfairly (discriminated on) by the Canadian court system:

The Equal Parenting group’s website has numerous stories, articles, and links about gender bias, and even allegations that women can “lie to the court with impunity”:

FatherMagazine (.com) alleges that the “pendelum has swung the other way”, and the gender bias now heavily discriminates against men:

Gender Bias in Our Family Court System”

Shame on all those women of the 1990’s who now use these laws to their advantage in family courts to bring men to their knees; and to erase fathers from the lives of their children! False allegations by women of child abuse, domestic violence, and stalking are almost never questioned by judges for fear of being politically incorrect.

Fast forward to February, 2015

Here’s a look at the only case that we could find, adjudged by the Supreme Court of Canada (highest court of the land), on appeal from British Columbia, compared with a random selection of family law cases adjudged by the Court of Appeal for British Columbia (highest court of the province), showing the mathematical averages, and the statistical trimmed arithmetic mean of each case’s “division of assets”, with [web links] citations:

Decisions From

Supreme Court of Canada


Decisions From
Court of Appeal for British Columbia


Decisions From

British Columbia Supreme Court

mainly from cases with Scott Schedules



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